1. General Terms, Scope and Validity

1.1. The terms apply to any legal relationship between any person and the purchasing environment www.auhinnad.ee when purchasing products through www.auhinnad.ee.

1.2. In addition to these terms and conditions, the legal relationships arising from the purchase of products through www.auhinnad.ee are governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

1.3. Www.auhinnad.ee is justified in its development and in the interest of better and safer use of these Terms and Conditions and the price list to be amended and supplemented. Amendments and supplements to the Terms and Conditions and the Price List shall be announced via the website www.auhinnad.ee and the amendments and supplements to the Terms and Conditions and the Price List shall enter into force as of the publication of the amendment or supplement on the website ekaubamaja.ee. Unless otherwise provided by law or these Terms, if you placed your order prior to the effective date of the changes to the Terms, the legal relationship between you and www.auhinnad.ee shall be governed by the terms and conditions applicable at the time you placed your order.

2. Prices

2.1. The prices of www.auhinnad.ee are valid according to clause 4.2. within the time limit for payment of the invoice provided for in subparagraph.

2.2. All prices include 20% VAT.

2.3. Purchased items are added to the shipping cost, which is calculated on the product sheet or in your shopping cart.

2.4. If the price of the product is incorrectly entered by www.auhinnad.ee and the customer is informed before or after placing the customer’s order and www.auhinnad.ee and the customer fails to agree on the new price, www.auhinnad.ee has the right to cancel the sale, cancel the customer’s order and refund the amount paid.

3. Shopping cart and placing order

3.1 Your shopping cart will be created at the moment you click on the “Add to Cart” and “Pay” link.

3.2. You can change the number of items in your shopping cart in the “Quantity” box.

3.3. Enter the required information on the order completion page. Select a shipping method and select a payment method.

If you choose, you will be redirected to our partner payment center.ee, where you can pay for your order. After that, the order confirmation will be sent to your email address.
3.4. Be careful when completing your order, as the accuracy and accuracy of this information depends on the prompt and trouble-free delivery of the products you have purchased.

3.5. The contract of sale of the products is deemed to have been entered into (entry into force of the Contract) from the moment when the order is paid 100% of the invoice amount.

4. Payment for your order

4.1. It is possible to pay for the products through payment center.ee:

Swedbank, SEB, Danske Bank, Krediidipank, LHV Bank and Nordea Internet Bank
4.4. The sales invoice will be emailed to you after the invoice has been paid in full.

5. Product Delivery and Delivery

5.1. After the entry into force of the order according to clause 3.5 of the Terms. the products will be delivered via the shipping method you selected when placing your order.

5.3. If the product you have ordered is not in stock and needs to be ordered from a special supplier and it is obvious that delivery of the product is not possible within the delivery time specified in the product description, and in other cases where timely delivery of the products is not possible .ee is not responsible for this, we will notify you by phone or e-mail of the order you have given us when placing your order within 2-5 business days from the date of entry into force of the Agreement according to clause 3.5 of the Terms. and we will also announce the delivery date for the product you ordered. In the event that you lose your interest in purchasing the product due to the longer delivery period, you have the right to cancel your order (see sections 6.1 and 6.3 for details) and the amount you pay (including shipping) will be refunded to you.

5.5. The goods will be delivered to the address you indicated when placing your order. It is not possible to change the destination later.

5.6. Please observe the correct contact information when ordering to avoid delays and misunderstandings in the delivery of the products. Www.auhinnad.ee.ee and the company providing transport services are not responsible for the delay in delivery of the products and misunderstandings, if the delay or misunderstanding is due to the inaccuracy or inaccuracy of the information provided by you in ordering.

6. Order Cancellation and Product Return

6.1. You have the right to cancel your order after you have paid for the product but the product has not yet been delivered. To do this, send a message to www.auhinnad.ee info@auhinnad.ee with the contact details, order number and explanation.

6.2. After receiving the products, the consumer has 14 days to become acquainted with the products within the meaning of VÕS. In case the products are not suitable for the consumer, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the order and return the purchased products within 14 days after the delivery of the products.

6.3. In the event of cancellation of an order as provided in clause 4.3 or clause 6.1, you will be refunded the amount paid for the purchase (including shipping) to your bank account no later than 14 days after you cancel your order, except as provided in clauses 6.4 and 6.2 hereof. cases. In case of order cancellation in the case provided in clause 6.2, you will be refunded the amount paid for the purchase (including transport cost) to your bank account no later than 7 days after receiving the notice of withdrawal and the return of the returned goods to the Department Store. Refunds will be deducted from the refund handling fee of € 2.35 (using Post24 as a shipping method) or € 3.69 (using the post office as a shipping method)

6.4. If the Product to be returned is defective and the damage is caused by (I) circumstances beyond the control of the Department Store; and (II) as a result of improper use of the Product, www.auhinnad.ee has the right to offset the decrease in the value of the Product with the amount you have paid for the Product and which is refundable to you. For offsetting, www.auhinnad.ee will send you a netting application to your email address. In the event that you do not agree with the depreciation shown in the offset notice, you have the right to engage an independent expert to determine the depreciation of the product. Expenses related to the expertise will be split in half between you and www.auhinnad.ee, unless the position of one party proves to be unfounded. In such a case, the costs of the expert examination shall be borne by the party whose position is unfounded.

7. Warranty and return of defective product

7.4. Www.auhinnad.ee is responsible for the non-conformity of the products and defects that appear within 2 years from the date of delivery of the products to the customer.

7.5. In case of non-conformity or defect of the Product, you have the right to request replacement of the Product with a non-compliant and defective Product or to withdraw from the order and return the non-conforming Product at the expense of www.auhinnad.ee.

7.6. In the event of a non-conforming product being returned, the amount paid for the product (including the shipping cost) will be credited to your bank account within 7 days of receipt of the notice of withdrawal and your wish to return the product.
The warranty does not cover:

product malfunctions caused by improper use of equipment or failure to comply with the operating instructions;
disturbances in the use of the product caused by its accidental or deliberate injury to the user;
disturbances in the use of the product due to a thunderstorm or other force majeure;
malfunctions and physical injury resulting from unintentional or intentional physical injury caused by the use of the product;
disturbances and physical injury caused by the use of foreign objects, liquids, insects, excess dust, etc., caused by the use of the product;
malfunctions and physical injury caused by the use of the product due to the use of non-genuine parts or unsuitable accessories;
Products and parts whose serial numbers, control stickers, or marking stickers have been damaged, replaced or removed;
software, including software preinstalled on the device and malfunctions caused by the software;
damage caused by improper use of the product, improper installation of the software, or use of the product for any purpose not intended;
consumable parts (batteries, cartridges, printheads, CDs, consumables, licenses, etc.) and packaging and documentation;
Without a properly formatted document or invoice, or in the absence of any warranty terms, the warranty will not apply;

malfunctions caused by the use of the product caused by changes in the technical characteristics of the device performed by a person or service not certified by the manufacturer;
defects or alleged defects due to the fact that the product was used with a product, accessory, software and / or service not manufactured or supplied by the manufacturer or seller and because the product was associated with such product, accessory, software and / or service, not manufactured or supplied by the seller or manufacturer.

8. Liability and Force Majeure

8.1. Www.auhinnad.ee shall be liable to you and you shall be liable to the other party for the damage caused to the other party by the violation of these terms and conditions in the cases and to the extent provided by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

8.2. Www.auhinnad.ee is not responsible for any damage caused to you or for the delay in the delivery of the product, if the damage or delay in the delivery of the product is due to a circumstance that www.auhinnad.ee could not influence and the arrival of which www.auhinnad.ee did not foresee or foreseeable (force majeure).

9. Other Terms

9.1. All personal information of a customer that has come to light in the course of a visit to the Department Store and purchases will be treated as confidential information. Kaubamaja does not disclose any information it has become aware of to a third party, the visitor has the right to request the deletion of his / her data from the Kaubamaja database. An encrypted communication channel with banks ensures the security of the purchaser’s personal data and bank details.

9.2. Issues not resolved in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws and regulations of the Republic of Estonia.

9.3. Disputes between you and www.auhinnad.ee regarding the purchase and purchase of products will be resolved by negotiation. If you fail to reach an agreement, you have the right to apply to the Consumer Protection Board or the Pärnu City Court to protect your rights. Disputes shall be resolved in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

The 14-day right of return does not apply to goods (LOA § 53 (4)):

manufactured for the customer’s personal needs or according to specifications specified by the customer (eg consumer dimensions);
which is perishable;
has expired;
for periodicals (eg magazines, newspapers);
audio and video recordings, computer software where the consumer has opened the case;
things that by their very nature cannot be returned. For example, the condition that underwear removed from the packaging, cosmetics in the open packaging, and perfumes cannot be returned;
for betting or lottery services;
travel and luggage insurance or similar short-term insurance contracts of less than one month’s duration;
for the provision of financial services whose price changes on the money market during the withdrawal period, irrespective of the offeror, including contracts for services relating to foreign exchange or securities specified in § 2 of the Securities Market Act.

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