RT Auhinnad OÜ Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy:

explains what we do with the buyer’s personal information;
explains how we collect, use and protect the personal information of the buyer;
helps the buyer understand how his / her personal information is collected and used and what the buyer’s rights are
your personal information.


The controller of personal data is RT Awards, address Sakala 16a-1 Tallinn 10143, registry code
When processing the Buyer’s personal data, RT Auhinnad OÜ complies with Estonian and European Union legislation.
All Purchaser’s personal information held by RT Auhinnad OÜ has been collected directly from the Purchaser.
We use the Buyer’s personal information for purposes that are to fulfill the Buyer’s wishes. If the goal is
completed, we will delete your personal information as follows:
The buyer’s personal information will be deleted 7 years after the purchase.
RT Auhinnad OÜ may change its Privacy Policy at any time in accordance with its personal data protection requirements.

2. Processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes

RT Auhinnad OÜ does not process the Buyer’s personal information for direct marketing without the Buyer’s permission.
Consent to process personal data for the purpose of fulfilling a purchase order is voluntarily given by the buyer in the online store
When making a purchase by filling in the required fields in the e-shop.

The Purchaser may at any time request the deletion, rectification, renewal, suspension,
collected for direct marketing purposes. Delete, update or process personal data
to suspend, the buyer must send an e-mail to info@auhinnad.ee

3. Processing of Buyer’s Personal Data for performance of Purchase and Sale Agreement

a) Personal data is collected from the buyer to fulfill the order made by the buyer.

b) The following personal data must be collected from the buyer to fulfill the buyer’s order: first name and surname,
telephone number, e-mail address and address if the buyer wishes to receive the goods by courier service

c) RT Auhinnad OÜ may transfer the Buyer’s personal data collected to fulfill the Buyer’s order to third parties
contractual partners (parcel / courier / service providers).

d) The Buyer’s personal information collected to fulfill the Buyer’s order is retained in accordance with the Accounting Act
7 years.

4. Rights of the Customer and the Buyer

The rights of the buyer are important to RT Auhinnad OÜ, so here is an overview of all the rights of the buyer
with respect to personal data.

The Buyer has the following rights:

a) The Buyer may at any time contact RT Auhinnad OÜ for questions related to the processing of personal data
by writing to info@auhinnad.ee

b) The Buyer may contact RT Auhinnad OÜ at any time to obtain access to their personal data.

c) The Buyer has the right to contact RT Auhinnad OÜ at any time to update its changed personal data.

d) The Buyer may ask RT Auhinnad OÜ to delete their personal data except data to be retained
under the Accounting Act.

e) The Buyer may request RT Auhinnad OÜ to restrict the processing of its personal data or to provide personal data
objections to the processing.

f) The Buyer may address any questions regarding the processing of his / her personal data to RT Auhinnad OÜ
to the Data Protection Officer at info@auhinnad.ee

h) The Purchaser has the right to address a complaint regarding the processing of personal data
The Inspectorate.

5. Transmission of Buyer’s Personal Information

RT Auhinnad OÜ transfers the Buyer’s personal information to the following third parties:

(a) Transport or courier service providers
(b) for the fulfillment of legal obligations, to an accounting service provider
(c) To fulfill other legal obligations.

6. The Data Protection Officer

a) The data protection officer of RT Auhinnad OÜ is Ülar Tael.

b) The data protection officer of RT Auhinnad OÜ is available by e-mail at info@auhinnad.ee

(c) The Data Protection Officer shall be obliged to respond to the purchaser’s requests no later than 30 days
upon receipt of the email.

7. Integrated and default data protection

In order to ensure a high level of protection of the Buyer’s personal information, RT Auhinnad OÜ will use all reasonable technical and technical measures
organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data.

RT Auhinnad OÜ ensures the use of information systems, other technologies and internal organization
the work systems are structured in compliance with the relevant and up-to-date security measures necessary for the protection of personal data
for safe processing.

All personal information of the buyer collected in the course of visiting RT Auhinnad OÜ e-shop and making purchases
shall be treated as confidential. The encrypted data communication channel with the banks ensures the purchaser
security of personal data and bank details.
The recipients of personal data are

Customer orders and invoices:

Profit (business software)
Suppliers – For orders:
Paying agents – to pay for orders:
Bank Link (Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, LHV, Coop, Pocopay)
RT Awards do not deal with the collection of statistics, which consists of collecting information about the e-shop user experience
to improve.